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Strength Camp Method ™️
Strength Camp is a challenging 1 hour, full body strength and conditioning workout based on scientific principles focusing on 4 phases:
Phase 1
The comforts of the modern world have created imbalance in our bodies. In this phase, you’ll work on your foundation by performing stretches and corrective exercises intended to improve your posture, core stability, and overall mobility
Phase 2
During the Strength Phase, you’ll utilize compound barbell and dumbbell movements to build upon your solid foundation. In this phase, you’ll build lean muscle and acquire more absolute strength.
Phase 3
The ability to move in multiple planes of movement in a confident manner is a staple of a healthy human. Speed Phase is movement expressed dynamically to increase muscle tone and fat loss to overall look and feel your best.
Phase 4
Carving out time to spend with yourself is crucial for keeping your fire alive. Silence is a time to cherish your body and all it does for you by giving it time to recover. Foam rolling, stretching, and even meditation will aid your body in recovery so you can give your best effort day in and day out.
Each session is instructed by a highly qualified coach who walks you through each 20 minute phase. Each Phase builds upon the other in a cohesive manner, giving you a workout that is scientifically sound and proven to give you the results you want.

If you’re someone who wants the best for themselves, claim your spot for a free 2-week trial above before time runs out.
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Strength Camp Kamloops - 1139 12th St #2
Kamloops, BC V2B 7Z2 - (250)682-6367
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